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  1. What are the chances that we'll get a construction camera again?
  2. It could be a motorsports theme and stay within the realm of action, like the rest of that area.
  3. I was at the park today and Diamondback definitely has more footers. Unless they add more it is not the transfer area for a BM giga. It could still be the station though.
  4. I would LOVE an Intamin of that style. That's actually what I really really want, as opposed to what I think is actually going in. RideWarrior - I have not ridden Gatekeeper, and I'm probably not going to make the drive for it this season either. I did do CP last fall though and my favorites for sure were Force, Maverick, and Dragster If that's saying anything about what I prefer. I'm not totally biased though as I went to Busch Gardens Tampa last spring and they have a lot of BM rides. They were all good but only Sheikra was incredible. Kumba was rough. I'm not sure they age well. And now back to your regularly scheduled topic.
  5. I don't particularly want that ride but it just seems to fit the pattern. Whatever we're given I will gladly ride, I would just prefer something other than a bigger Diamondback.
  6. A steel version of The Beast would pretty much have to be a giga in my eyes, and Cedar Fair is due to build another unless Leviathan was the only one.
  7. It looks similar to the train storage area at the station from when Diamondback was at this stage of construction. My bet is on a BM giga.
  8. It was also reported today on 700WLW.
  9. It's Cedar Fair and/or Paramount's fault.
  10. JTW


    You WILL like what is replacing it better.
  11. For those of you that think Toy Story doesn't hold an impact, go down the toy aisles at your local department store the next time you're there. I was at both Meijer and Target recently looking for something to get my little girl and I am not kidding when I say there was half a shelf on one side of the aisle dedicated solely to Toy Story, and it came out how long ago? To comment on the real subject: Change is the only certainty in life. Just because the status quo is in place, does not mean it is the best or most correct idea.
  12. The sensors actually probably are on a shelf if they are the simple proximity type, and they take very little time to interchange and adjust. I know because similar sensors are used where I work on various equipment. Click
  13. Yup, I kind of hijacked this thread though so I'll turn it back over to KI hauntings.
  14. When I was driving past the park earlier it was shining from KI Drive.
  15. You sure? I've been three times since 2005, including a couple weeks ago. B)
  16. If you want to see some eerie unexplainable stuff drive to Louisville and stay at Waverly Hills Sanatorium with me. :)
  17. I remember Adventure Village from when I was a kid. I would love to re-visit my childhood on the animal safari and ride King Cobra again.
  18. I love Indy. Their skyline does kind of suck compared to other cities though. :(
  19. Darn, I missed it by about 15 minutes. :(
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