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  1. the problem friday night had something to do with the restraints and it never even left the station and the rest of them it looked like it just stopped on the lift hill...and ty the fireworks picture was actually taken using a feature on my camera that takes 16 continuous shots in a row and makes it into one picture...
  2. We went and rode WWC after Diamondback, and after getting SOAKED, I found my favorite photo spot for Diamondback in the entire park! At this point, it was time to drive back to Indiana :mad: My last picture of the park as we left and of course my favorite part of the way home... Overall, this weekend was amazing... 10 rides on Diamondback with many more planned, with this being the best coaster in the park, definately a 10/10! Perfect KI Weekend! Boyfriend and I in the front seat!! Awesome!!
  3. So this is my first trip report I've done, so sorry If its not exactly the greatest! With this year being my first year of being a season pass holder to Kings Island and more then 5 months of waiting, We finally went to Kings Island for our first trip of the season! We left Evansville around 10 a.m. and got to Mason around 2:30... We pulled onto Kings Island Drive and this is what we saw.... my first impression was that I could not believe: A.) How big it was! and B.) The fact that I was finally looking at it with my own eyes and not on a webcam or pictures on here!! After a quick lunch stop at my favorite McDonalds in the entire world(Im a Van Gogh Freak)... We went and checked into our Hotel, the Super 8. This is the first time I've visited Kings Island and didn't stay at the Kings Island Resort, so I was a little skeptical at first, But our room was clean and nice and the price was wonderful!! We left the Hotel at 3:45 to go to the park to get our passes processed at 4. We waited in line for roughly 10 minutes(which was amazing seeing as how the line was completely down the walkway by the time we got through), and then we went and stood in the security line. As soon as it opened, we got through security and after a little trouble with our passes at the scanners(a problem I dealt with all weekend), The asthmatic boyfriend and I did our best attempt to run back to Diamondback!!! After grabbing the first single rider tickets of the day, we both made our way onto the first train of friday! I was in row 5, him in row 7. After the amazing air horn sound when the lift chain starts(my favorite!!) We made our way up the hill! I noticed right off the bat how amazingly comfortable the seats are! The lift hill is possibly the fastest i've ever been on, and going over that first hill is an experience I'll never forget! Diamondback is possibly the best ride at the park and easily top 5 on my favorite rides ever! After Diamondback, we went and rode The Beast! The new Beast Plaza area looks amazing, but was rather depressed that the footprints are now completely gone. We walked right onto the front seat, and enjoyed an amazing ride! The retracking really helped out alot, as that area felt faster and more out of control then it has in past years! After Beast, we decided to see how the rest of the lines throughout the park were. We walked onto front seat of Vortex, Back seat of FoF, and went to go ride firehawk, but it was broken. We ate dinner and decided to right Diamondback again. When we got over there we noticed the line was stopped outside of the entrance and that the trains were not running! We were told the ride was currently experiencing technical difficulties and they didnt know how long it would be down. We had nothing better to do and decided to wait it out. I felt it was a good time to take some pictures. After less than 10 minutes of waiting, the ride reopened to applause and we moved straight to the stairs! after riding in the next the back row, I was sold that the best seats on this ride are in the back! The airtime is unreal and the speed going over the top of the first hill is crazy!! We took a ride on the Beast a night, which I had never done before, but quickly learned it is an AMAZING experience! We then walked back over to Diamondback to get a night ride! While waiting in line, the train stopped on the lift hill. I believe it had to do with a not so intelligent person having their camera out, but I decided to take a few pictures of it since I was stopped under the Hill. We started moving again, and we got over by the splashdown and I took this picture and thought it turned out kinda cool. Night rides on Diamondback = GREATEST THING EVER!! You feel so disoriented and like your flying! We Decided to go see the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower, which turned out to be kinda neat! After a nice night of sleep, we headed to the park around 11 on saturday! After going riding Diamondback again, we ate Lunch at my favorite place in the history of the world, La Rosa's in Rivertown! The view is now amazing from La Rosa's! With the splash down right there, its a very cool place to enjoy good food and a wonderful ride! Example A: This picture was completely unintended...lol. An Eiffel tower shot I took from there that also turned out nice I decided I wanted to get some good splashdown pictures, so we started walking towards that area... this picture would have been cool without the sun! after just walking around for the next couple of hours and doing some shopping...we went to go ride Diamondback again at night! Some not so bright individual wanted to Line Jump Diamondback...that didn't work out so well for him... after watching the fireworks from the Diamondback Line... We walked up front so I could take some Fountain Pictures!! We woke up the next morning, checked out of our Hotel early, and headed to the park for early ERT Line in front of Security at 9... Saw a lot of people not following this sign this weekend After Riding on front seat of First train of the day on Diamondback and riding it immediately after that again, we went and did SDATHC for the third time this weekend....We had entirely too much fun on this ride and I found out that I'm fairly good at it...lol... We went and rode FoF, where for the first time I had seen this weekend, they had the video running!!! We then went and walked on Vortex! We went to get in line for our 10th ride of the weekend on Diamondback and when we were almost to the station, it broke down again. I felt really bad for the guy who had to walk all the way up the hill...he looked so tired...lol. Continued on Post 2!!
  4. The Blue Trains was never backwards. The Red Trains were. whoops....my bad.... :doh:
  5. I rode the blue train last year and at one point I swore I actually felt the train starting to come off the track a little, so that was enough for me for the blue one for a while. Its a shame too, because I loved riding the blue train when it was backwards!
  6. I went to the park today and I tried calling them to whole way here and couldn't get anyone to answer all day and I called just now and it says to call back during business hours....so I was just wondering what time I should get there and wait in line to get back to ERT....
  7. What time do the gates to the parking lot usually open on a saturday? I was just wondering what time I needed to get there so I can get in line for ERT...
  8. Agreed on the douchebags part! I'm just a few years removed from the age groups that would do this kind of thing(I'm 21), but i can never understand why someone would do that! When I was growing up, I was taught respect for property, especially property that wasn't my own! I grew up in that park and I never had any thought of ever doing anything like that! The people that do it are the kids whose parents use the park as a babysitter so they don't have to do their jobs as good parents! It really grinds my gears to see stuff like that happen so soon to such an important new part of this park! URGH! [/end rant] and just because i've been wanting to use this smiley for a while.... :jerry:
  9. I'm glad to know my two favorite rides are getting the TLC they need. I think Flight of Fear has begun to get neglected over the past couple of years, with the cue video not running a lot of the times and more lights turned on in the waiting area then there used to be. I'm really happy Vortex got new paint too. That ride has always had a special place with me because its the same age as me so I can't wait to see it this weekend!!
  10. I think a old time amusement ride such as a shooting star or a chaos would go great there and fit in well with the Coney Mall old time amusement park theme that that section has...Big Gandola Ferris wheel would be excellent too! :D
  11. i forsee lots of sunburns standing in the line for this, since they are using the same triangle tarps over the line that they did on firehawk, and firehawk is like a wait and bake kinda thing... :rolleyes:
  12. Does anyone know what the regular hours while be for processing on the first Friday open of the season on the 24th? The park is open from 5-10, and I was hoping to get there around 4 to get my pass done....
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew of where I could find Kings Islandopoly! Ive tried digging all over the internet and eBay, and I cant seem to find it anywhere! It's something I've always wanted, but my parents would never buy it because it cost too much...If anyone could help me out that would be great! Thanks!!! :D
  14. im glad the site is back!!! I was starting to have withdrawls.... *twitch* :blink: :insane:
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