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  1. Kings Dominion still has there plant tunnel.
  2. i worked in merchendise at ki and i have been working for walmart for the last 10 years. Its not a hard job it can be stressfull at times like at closing time but otherwise u just have to stock and customer service.
  3. The Golden Nugget is one of the best rides at wildwood. I also spent many hours riding the golden nugget.
  4. I know this is off topic but the Golden nugget is going to be torn down this coming year. The Golden nugget has been SBNO since about 1999 but when it was in operation it was a popular ride. http://mrboardwalknet.proboards26.com/inde...amp;thread=1201 http://mrboardwalknet.proboards26.com/inde...amp;thread=1204
  5. The Beast isn't going anywhere, they are just redesigning the entrance and Q area to the ride. Yes The Beast is open during HH. Here is a link to the HH page http://www.visitkingsisland.com/special/haunt/index.html
  6. instead of changing the whole ride strucker to make it smoother just simply change the trains from a 3 bench to 1 bench. By doing that will make the ride a little more smooter and it will be able to take the turns better.
  7. There is no age requirment to attend but be advised some Holloween Haunt attractions may not be Appropriate for some age's. ACE Assit Regional Rep Adam
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