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  1. ...Anyways... This is the first time I've heard of this incident. When was it? I'm surprised this could happen though. I guess it wasn't really 'all clear', huh?
  2. Sorry, I had to jump on this one (get it? Jump...Jump2...nevermind... <_< ). Anyways, I don't see any park getting a Jump2. They're have major problems with it right now and it's having a lot of downtime lately. And I don't think a Jump2 would fit in the Eagles footprint :P
  3. Well the video I posted before didn't really help much for showing you guys what the rides really made of... This should help. Clicky! *Warning: 30 mb download!
  4. I'd think PTC restraints could hold you in the loop, but it wouldn't be as comfortable (in the loop).
  5. Very :lol: It's much easier to just plop it down than calling in more machines and more workers to get rid of the concrete.
  6. pcwfreak

    Pki Xtreme

    ^That's 'cause it doesn't exist anymore. (the site I mean :lol: )
  7. ^Where's the picture? I can't see it. And which TR: TR are your talking about? :P
  8. I'm not saying you're never up at 2 in the morning. I'm saying the bot probably never stops.
  9. It's a bot, it doesn't sleep :P
  10. ^What? :huh: That timeline is more like a timeline from a psychic with that whole storm thing you have in there.
  11. It looks nice but I think its not proportioned correctly. There's too much of the red and white checkered stuff. Are you going to make coasters too?
  12. But your stats say 2 trains...
  13. I think both sides at PCW will have it. They were running Spongebob 3D on both sides when they took out Days of Thunder.
  14. Ooo, thanks for the preview! It looks VERY cool. Can't wait to see it in a moving chair!
  15. :insane: SkyRider! :insane: ...It's only a matter of time... BTW, that Windows Live thingy is pretty neat!
  16. ^Gosh, that kid was confused! :fryingpan: ^^Was it originally supposed to be named something else?
  17. "People who own Cedar Point" ...That would be Cedar Fair :rolleyes: And I didn't vote 'cause I really don't know who to vote for.
  18. Doesn't that convert to about 30ºC?
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