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  1. ...Anyways... This is the first time I've heard of this incident. When was it? I'm surprised this could happen though. I guess it wasn't really 'all clear', huh?
  2. Sorry, I had to jump on this one (get it? Jump...Jump2...nevermind... <_< ). Anyways, I don't see any park getting a Jump2. They're have major problems with it right now and it's having a lot of downtime lately. And I don't think a Jump2 would fit in the Eagles footprint :P
  3. Well the video I posted before didn't really help much for showing you guys what the rides really made of... This should help. Clicky! *Warning: 30 mb download!
  4. I'd think PTC restraints could hold you in the loop, but it wouldn't be as comfortable (in the loop).
  5. Very :lol: It's much easier to just plop it down than calling in more machines and more workers to get rid of the concrete.
  6. ^That's 'cause it doesn't exist anymore. (the site I mean :lol: )
  7. ^Where's the picture? I can't see it. And which TR: TR are your talking about? :P
  8. I'm not saying you're never up at 2 in the morning. I'm saying the bot probably never stops.
  9. It's a bot, it doesn't sleep :P
  10. ^What? :huh: That timeline is more like a timeline from a psychic with that whole storm thing you have in there.
  11. It looks nice but I think its not proportioned correctly. There's too much of the red and white checkered stuff. Are you going to make coasters too?
  12. But your stats say 2 trains...
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