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    Hello everyone! Since it's my second (first actual) post, I would like to introduce myself. Many of you may be aware of who I am. I am the guy who takes the aerial pictures of Kings Island. I am also an editor for WildGravity Travels. And with that, I'd like to share those with you here. I would also welcome everyone to share any pictures of the construction that they have taken as well. First will start off with the removal of Firehawk, ending with Orion being built. Hope you guys enjoy them! I may upload them slowly, since they are largish files, and I have horrible internet.
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    The fog is starting to clear and they are getting back to work. Not to mention I can finally see something...
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    Next support is going in on the airtime hill. We may even get some track today, or we may see it in the morning. Any interest to see past shots?
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    I’ll add some to get this thing going
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    The air time hill is completed and we are seeing work done on the helix supports.
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    I just remembered someone on Facebook had posted a picture of the track with one of the trains sitting on it just before they shut the cam off. But I didn't look at it very closely to see if it was true because I was on my cell phone and it was too small.
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    The Orion webcam is now officially offline through the end of March as the ride has completed structural work and is advancing towards testing. The park has released a full time-lapse of the construction: This is the final image from the Orion webcam before being taken offline today:
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    Only two track sections remain to be installed. The final column is in place.
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    Your welcome and its a view that understandably not often seen.
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    The brush is because it was taken from outside the park through whatever available lane I could find without trespassing on anyone's property.
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    21 Jan 2020 and the day is still young
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    BLOG: Last truckload of steel delivered to construct Orion giga coaster https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/january/last-truckload-of-steel-delivered-to-construct-orion-giga-coaster
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    Ooh, this is a bit eerie. Fog this morning was dense and intense. Haunting, so to speak. Good shot.
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    The message came from KingsIslandPR in reply to a question asked by a woman on the Kings Island Pass Holder group on Facebook.
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    There is a screen shot of a tweet circulating. Also, Im happy to be here and share my images. I have the same name on the other site and f5coasters on IG/FB.
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    A very short video of the Royal Fountain Ice Rink.
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    Nothing new on Orion lately? Here is a picture of Fury 305. I think Orion well look very, very much like this.
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    Not me. It is always dark when I get there so I haven't seen much other than the pictures that you have posted here.
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    Photos from WinterFest opening night: http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/orion-kings-island-update-30/ Video:
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    At first I was thinking that I can't believe that the haunted house is still up in front of the entrance, but then I remembered that they re-dress it for Winterfest.
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    Updated photos from us, at Wild Gravity Travels today. All photos were taken on public property.
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    It’s a snowy morning at the park as crews begin the day’s work on Orion! The webcams returned to operation yesterday after being out of service since October 20.
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    Plenty of movement from cranes today. Working on Winterfest, and Windseeker has been running. Pic via WeatherBug
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    Thought since I had good service now, I'll post a few more pictures! @Hawaiian Coasters 325 has a couple as well, if he would be willing to post them.
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    More excellent shots. So clear and bright with the sun. The blue of the coaster blends into the sky. I am always astounded to see what can be done with this equipment.
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    BLOG: Online reservation system and daily ticket sales now available https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/june/online-reservation-system-and-daily-ticket-sales-now-available
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    I rode Fury 325 at Carrowinds last June. This is almost the exact same coaster, only Fury 325 is 25 feet taller.
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    D’Avanzo, who called his his hand built Dark ride in his garage Mystic Motel had filed a lawsuit against Kings Island for calling their coaster Mystic Timbers. I am not sure what became of that but Lawyers for Kings Island amusement park told D’Avanzo’s attorney that they considered the matter closed. Scott D’Avanzo was at it again by going after Silver Dollar City for their new water ride opening this year called Mystic River Falls. The surprise is that Silver Dollar City fired back at D’Avanzo with a 16-page lawsuit that accused D’Avanzo and Adrenalin Attractions of trademark infringement, unfair competition and an implied legal threat. YOU CAN READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE... once you close that annoying full page pop up ad.
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    And here is Pigeon Forge in the Smokey Mountains...
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    Disney has ) has entered a $5 billion credit agreement, it disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. The the credit agreement is "unsecured," which means that the loan has been extended based on Disney's ability to pay back instead of collateral. Disney has one year to pay it back. Right now, Disney's streaming service, Disney +, is the only thing Disney has going that is making money. READ THE STORY HERE.
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    Yea, I'm not at all surprised.
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    I never realized that the last tunnel covering the lift hill was so long. Seems like only a forth of that when your zoming into it on the train.
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    I love the closeness and angle of Diamondback.
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    Cedar Fair's Schlitterbahn waterparks in New Braunfels and Galveston are also closing until the end of the month. https://www.schlitterbahn.com/home/corp/information
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    A former employee of Cedar Point’s parent company claims she didn’t receive payment for overtime. A former employee of Cedar Point’s parent company claims she didn’t receive payment for overtime.
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    Vortex's former location, now being fenced off, can be seen in this recent video of the park by Flyin High Dronez:
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    Two sets of tourists say they were injured on Disney World’s PeopleMover when the carts crashed into each other during separate incidents They are all suing the park. PeopleMover carts crashed into each other at Disney World.
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    I was looking at some of the photos and does anyone else thing the pullout on the drop seems drawn out? Maybe its not because you will be going 93MPH.
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    These are really good shots. Kinda neat seeing the piece of the plane in the one shot. And that's a lot of blue steel in the one shot in particular. The ones from a few years back by Admin are excellent and I've looked at those countless times.
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    Yep, we have an Aerial Flyovers section of the gallery: https://www.kiextreme.com/photogallery/index.php?cat=54 The Diamondback construction photos from the first one are here: https://www.kiextreme.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=368
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    The park said they have no plans for that space so it will probably be two or three years before we know something. Kings Island was originally going to get an Adams Family themed coaster, but they couldn't secure the rights so went with Italian Job instead. The Adams Family coaster went to Dollywood and was themed as Mystery Mine. I would like to see Kings Island finally get that coaster, rethemed to something else, so that they have a cool new coaster and can get more use out of the the old Bat line queue building. If not that, a dive coaster would be cool.
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