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    Hello everyone! Since it's my second (first actual) post, I would like to introduce myself. Many of you may be aware of who I am. I am the guy who takes the aerial pictures of Kings Island. I am also an editor for WildGravity Travels. And with that, I'd like to share those with you here. I would also welcome everyone to share any pictures of the construction that they have taken as well. First will start off with the removal of Firehawk, ending with Orion being built. Hope you guys enjoy them! I may upload them slowly, since they are largish files, and I have horrible internet.
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    The fog is starting to clear and they are getting back to work. Not to mention I can finally see something...
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    Next support is going in on the airtime hill. We may even get some track today, or we may see it in the morning. Any interest to see past shots?
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    I’ll add some to get this thing going
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    The air time hill is completed and we are seeing work done on the helix supports.
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    I just remembered someone on Facebook had posted a picture of the track with one of the trains sitting on it just before they shut the cam off. But I didn't look at it very closely to see if it was true because I was on my cell phone and it was too small.
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    The Orion webcam is now officially offline through the end of March as the ride has completed structural work and is advancing towards testing. The park has released a full time-lapse of the construction: This is the final image from the Orion webcam before being taken offline today:
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    Only two track sections remain to be installed. The final column is in place.
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    Your welcome and its a view that understandably not often seen.
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    The brush is because it was taken from outside the park through whatever available lane I could find without trespassing on anyone's property.
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    21 Jan 2020 and the day is still young
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    BLOG: Last truckload of steel delivered to construct Orion giga coaster https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/january/last-truckload-of-steel-delivered-to-construct-orion-giga-coaster
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    Ooh, this is a bit eerie. Fog this morning was dense and intense. Haunting, so to speak. Good shot.
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    The message came from KingsIslandPR in reply to a question asked by a woman on the Kings Island Pass Holder group on Facebook.
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    There is a screen shot of a tweet circulating. Also, Im happy to be here and share my images. I have the same name on the other site and f5coasters on IG/FB.
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    A very short video of the Royal Fountain Ice Rink.
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    Nothing new on Orion lately? Here is a picture of Fury 305. I think Orion well look very, very much like this.
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    Not me. It is always dark when I get there so I haven't seen much other than the pictures that you have posted here.
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    Photos from WinterFest opening night: http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/orion-kings-island-update-30/ Video:
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    At first I was thinking that I can't believe that the haunted house is still up in front of the entrance, but then I remembered that they re-dress it for Winterfest.
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    Updated photos from us, at Wild Gravity Travels today. All photos were taken on public property.
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    It’s a snowy morning at the park as crews begin the day’s work on Orion! The webcams returned to operation yesterday after being out of service since October 20.
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    Plenty of movement from cranes today. Working on Winterfest, and Windseeker has been running. Pic via WeatherBug
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    Thought since I had good service now, I'll post a few more pictures! @Hawaiian Coasters 325 has a couple as well, if he would be willing to post them.
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    More excellent shots. So clear and bright with the sun. The blue of the coaster blends into the sky. I am always astounded to see what can be done with this equipment.
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    Six flags is using what is called a "poison pill" strategy in attempt to prevent a hostile takeover of the amusement park company. Technically called a "Stockholder Rights Plan," the strategy allows shareholders to buy more shares of the company at a discount if any one shareholder acquires more than 10 percent ownership of the company. The idea is to dilute the value of the hostile shareholder's stake in the company, making it more expensive for them to take over the company without the current board of directors' approval. Both Cedar Fair and SeaWorld also have market caps lower than Six Flags at this point, so none of the top three independent theme park companies in the United States is enjoying a great financial position right now by making it more difficult for other companies to buy so many shares to take over. You can read the whole article here... Six Flags Looks to Prevent a Hostile Takeover
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    Disney World and Disneyland closures are now indefinite: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/travel-information/ https://disneyland.disney.go.com/travel-information/
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    I'm going to see the original King Kong, playing at the cinema today only. Also, I need to go out and buy a water heater. We haven't had hot water in almost 4 weeks. It's like taking the ice bucket challenge when you shower. I must boil a pot of water and poor it into the sink to wash the dishes and I might have to go to a laundry mat to wash some clothes. Everything is coming up dead roses for me.
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    Dollywood opened today for season pass day but then decided to close for two weeks.
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    To promote their 150th season this year, Cedar Point will be returning to it's roots. Just like the parks of yesterday, it will be free to get in and roam around, but if you want to enjoy one of the open attractions you have to purchase a ticket for that attraction. Think of the E-Ticket system that used to be at Disney or any carnival or fair today. If you want to ride everything and see all the shows, you can buy an "all day" wristband for $20.20. Otherwise it might cost you like $4.00 for one ride on Valravn or $3.00 for one ride on Wicked Twister. I'm just giving an example here, they haven't said how much each ride and show will cost as of yet. It will only be for two of the midways, the main midway and the lakeside midway, so no western town. This event will happen on May 2nd and 3rd. It would be something neat to do if you just want to go, walk around and reminiscent about going as a teenager, but not as much if you want to ride stuff all day, although $20.20 is a pretty good price to be able to do that on the rides that will be open. Valravn and Gate Keeper are going to be the two most popular. Reservations to do this must be done in advance. Just for Fun Weekend featuring free admission
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    This video by Flyin High Dronez shows a full test cycle of Orion from the air:
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    BLOG: Aerial view of Kings Island's new Orion giga coaster opening in April https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/aerial-view-of-kings-islands-new-giga-coaster-opening-in-april
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    Two sets of tourists say they were injured on Disney World’s PeopleMover when the carts crashed into each other during separate incidents They are all suing the park. PeopleMover carts crashed into each other at Disney World.
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    People gather at Indiana Beach to rally
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    I wouldn't think that Fun Spot would be big enough of a company to afford Indiana Beech anyway. I would guess that the property that their Orlando location sits on is their most valuable asset. Today their was a rally in front of Indiana Beeches front gate holding signs that said "Save Indiana Beach." The local government has now tasked themselves in helping to find a new owner. Save Indiana Beach rally.
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    Seems to me that the state could stop the company from taking any rides until everyone gets their full refund. People looking for refunds while company makes plan to move the rides to there parks this spring.
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    This article was on Cincinnati Refinded today. This is a new one to me. I had never heard of it before. Chester Park
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    I just looked it up. They do in deed have one, although the park is only open to the public 4 times a year.
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    I always refer to Kings Island Central as Drama Central. This was back when they had posts subjects like line jumpers and kids dribbling basketballs. I agree that these things are annoying about the park, but the threads would go for like 20+ pages long. I got the point after the first 12 posts. Then someone posted a picture of a woman's back side in Daisy Duke cut off shorts and many of the members joined in on insulting the woman and making fun of her. Then Top Gun stole a bunch of my pictures and was posting them like they were his to do so. I walked away and have rarely been back. But I regress, I now have dragged some of that drama to this thread. I shale not mention it again.
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    They are already spending so much money on the new coaster and the revamping of the area leading into Orion that tearing down Vortex might not be in the budget this year, but as most of the time, I am only speculating. I really have no way of knowing.
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    Look how long they let Son of Beast sit there after it closed.
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