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    Hello everyone! Since it's my second (first actual) post, I would like to introduce myself. Many of you may be aware of who I am. I am the guy who takes the aerial pictures of Kings Island. I am also an editor for WildGravity Travels. And with that, I'd like to share those with you here. I would also welcome everyone to share any pictures of the construction that they have taken as well. First will start off with the removal of Firehawk, ending with Orion being built. Hope you guys enjoy them! I may upload them slowly, since they are largish files, and I have horrible internet.
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    The fog is starting to clear and they are getting back to work. Not to mention I can finally see something...
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    Next support is going in on the airtime hill. We may even get some track today, or we may see it in the morning. Any interest to see past shots?
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    I’ll add some to get this thing going
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    The air time hill is completed and we are seeing work done on the helix supports.
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    I just remembered someone on Facebook had posted a picture of the track with one of the trains sitting on it just before they shut the cam off. But I didn't look at it very closely to see if it was true because I was on my cell phone and it was too small.
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    The Orion webcam is now officially offline through the end of March as the ride has completed structural work and is advancing towards testing. The park has released a full time-lapse of the construction: This is the final image from the Orion webcam before being taken offline today:
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    Only two track sections remain to be installed. The final column is in place.
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    Your welcome and its a view that understandably not often seen.
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    The brush is because it was taken from outside the park through whatever available lane I could find without trespassing on anyone's property.
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    21 Jan 2020 and the day is still young
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    BLOG: Last truckload of steel delivered to construct Orion giga coaster https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/january/last-truckload-of-steel-delivered-to-construct-orion-giga-coaster
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    Ooh, this is a bit eerie. Fog this morning was dense and intense. Haunting, so to speak. Good shot.
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    The message came from KingsIslandPR in reply to a question asked by a woman on the Kings Island Pass Holder group on Facebook.
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    There is a screen shot of a tweet circulating. Also, Im happy to be here and share my images. I have the same name on the other site and f5coasters on IG/FB.
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    A very short video of the Royal Fountain Ice Rink.
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    Nothing new on Orion lately? Here is a picture of Fury 305. I think Orion well look very, very much like this.
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    Not me. It is always dark when I get there so I haven't seen much other than the pictures that you have posted here.
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    Photos from WinterFest opening night: http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/orion-kings-island-update-30/ Video:
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    At first I was thinking that I can't believe that the haunted house is still up in front of the entrance, but then I remembered that they re-dress it for Winterfest.
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    Updated photos from us, at Wild Gravity Travels today. All photos were taken on public property.
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    It’s a snowy morning at the park as crews begin the day’s work on Orion! The webcams returned to operation yesterday after being out of service since October 20.
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    BLOG: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/january/international-street-and-royal-fountain-to-get-major-offseason-renovation
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    Plenty of movement from cranes today. Working on Winterfest, and Windseeker has been running. Pic via WeatherBug
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    Thought since I had good service now, I'll post a few more pictures! @Hawaiian Coasters 325 has a couple as well, if he would be willing to post them.
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    More excellent shots. So clear and bright with the sun. The blue of the coaster blends into the sky. I am always astounded to see what can be done with this equipment.
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    The park once had a plan to restore old rides and put them back in operation. I wonder what ever became of that idea? I would love to see a Butter Cup, Tilt-O-Whirl and Sky Ride. I won't even dare to dream about some version of Enchanted Voyage coming back. I never see that happening.
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    Its making me nervous that this will be a b&m wing coaster in x base....
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    I think with the smaller parks it's either open and try to make up some of that money or just go out of business.
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    The White County commissioners and council approved giving Indiana Beach a $3 million incentive as a forgivable loan as long as the park owners at Indiana Beach Holdings LLC meet certain stipulations. One of these stipulations is that the park needs to open at some point this summer, although that could be extended until next summer if something with the the COVID-19 distancing isn't cleared up in time. Indiana Beach has to hire at least 200 employees between 2021 and 2025. The loan will come to maturity in 2025 and the county can take an active role if there’s a default. Surprisingly, Indiana Beach Holdings LLC may own the park but not the land it is sitting on. The land is owned by a company called Store Master. YOU CAN READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.
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    D’Avanzo, who called his his hand built Dark ride in his garage Mystic Motel had filed a lawsuit against Kings Island for calling their coaster Mystic Timbers. I am not sure what became of that but Lawyers for Kings Island amusement park told D’Avanzo’s attorney that they considered the matter closed. Scott D’Avanzo was at it again by going after Silver Dollar City for their new water ride opening this year called Mystic River Falls. The surprise is that Silver Dollar City fired back at D’Avanzo with a 16-page lawsuit that accused D’Avanzo and Adrenalin Attractions of trademark infringement, unfair competition and an implied legal threat. YOU CAN READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE... once you close that annoying full page pop up ad.
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    If I was bored and living on retirement, I would travel around to see everything there was to see in a 2.5 hour radius of my house, assuming retirement wouldn't leave me enough income to fly.
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    Disney has ) has entered a $5 billion credit agreement, it disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. The the credit agreement is "unsecured," which means that the loan has been extended based on Disney's ability to pay back instead of collateral. Disney has one year to pay it back. Right now, Disney's streaming service, Disney +, is the only thing Disney has going that is making money. READ THE STORY HERE.
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    BLOG: 5 ways to have some Kings Island fun at home https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/5-ways-to-have-some-kings-island-fun-at-home 5 WAYS TO HAVE SOME KINGS ISLAND FUN AT HOME March 25, 2020 Don Helbig Area Manager Digital Marketing - Kings Island Twitter: @DonHelbig Looking for something do at home with the kids? Here’s a list of five ways to have some Kings Island fun from the comforts of home. Be sure the share your fun with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #KingsIsland. We’ll share and retweet some of our favorites. Enjoy a virtual roller coaster ride Take a virtual ride on one of Kings Island’s world-class roller coasters. We have several rollver coaster Point of View (POV) videos on our YouTube channel. Play them on YouTube’s TV app and add to the experience by sitting in a moveable chair in front of the TV with other props such as a broomstick for the lap bar. Enjoy a virtual water ride Here’s a fun one! Take a virtual ride on Race for Your Life Charlie Brown. We have a Point of View (POV) video on your YouTube channel that will make you feel as though you are experiencing this attraction. Add to the experience by having a non-virtual rider tossing small splashes of water on you at points during the ride where you might get wet. Watch a parade If you love a parade, you’ll love watching a replay of the electrifying vibe of the Spectacle of Color Parade from our Grand Carnivale event. You’ll feel like you’re watching it live from International Street! Make a sketch of your favorite rides Get out those No. 2 pencils and sketch drawings of your favorite Kings Island rides, present or past. Challenge yourself with these thought-provoking Kings Island trivia questions 1. A rider on Drop Tower will drop 264 feet. How many times would you have to ride this attraction to travel a mile? 2. The height from which a rider drops on Drop Tower is 264 feet. There is 5,280 feet in a mile. What is the length of the fall expressed in miles? 3. A ride on Invertigo lasts one minute, 30 seconds. If you and a friend rode this ride continuously across from each other, with no stops from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., how many times would you “Face Off” with your partner? 4. The Beast is the longest wooden roller coaster in the world at 7,359 feet. One sheet of toilet paper in the park is 4.5” x 4.5” and there are 500 sheets in a roll. The park will use 700 cases of toilet paper a year. Each case contains 96 rolls. How many times could you cover the Beast’s track with all of this toilet paper? 5. The park sells over 280,000 pounds of hamburger a year. How many quarter pound burgers would that make?
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    BLOG: Aerial view of Kings Island's new Orion giga coaster opening in April https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/aerial-view-of-kings-islands-new-giga-coaster-opening-in-april
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    Even a thriving park can die if it has poor management. I always wanted to go there but my friend who said he would go with me pulled a "I have a Kings Island season pass, why should I pay to go to another park." I'm just going to have to hit some of these parks this summer by myself rather than miss out on ever going to them because he promises a lot but hardly ever delivers.
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    I just read somewhere that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting this winter is going to be a rough one.
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    I think Orion goes along better with the theming in that area with Flight Of Fear.
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    BLOG: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/march/glockenspiel-to-return-for-kings-island’s-2019-season
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    https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/rides/kings-mills-antique-autos Kings Mills Antique Autos Coming Spring 2019 Kings Island's most beloved attraction, the antique cars ride, is returning to the park in spring 2019. In the new Kings Mills Antique Autos family ride, guests will board replica classic touring cars and take a leisurely drive around a scenic track equipped with a small rail to keep the car on the path. The ride will be comparable to the original Les Taxis antique car ride, combining nostalgia with new enhancements. Kings Mills Antique Autos will be located in Coney Mall, across from the Juke Box Café and alongside The Racer roller coaster. The ride will be a quarter mile in length and last approximately three minutes. The cars are 2/3 scale replicas of the 1911 Ford Model T; though all-new, they will retain the vintage feel of the original Les Taxis. The ride's name, as well as theming throughout the attraction, is expected to enhance the nostalgic experience for riders.
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    This is awesome! So glad KI is returning some of the things that made it great and was taken away! They’re really upping their game in making the park more beautiful to look at! Hope they keep bringing more classic rides back as well.
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    Talley has a Zipper, so the State Fair will have one. http://talleyamusements.com/rides/classes/thrill
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