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  3. Photos from WinterFest opening night: http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/orion-kings-island-update-30/ Video:
  4. I would love to see the comparison between Millennium Force and Orion.
  5. They are making serious progress here with fairly decent weather this fall, Mr. Roberts.
  6. Looking forward to seeing where it goes after the second hill.
  7. Not a bad view, even with the low clouds.
  8. Do you mean the lift hill when you say "pull out on the drop?" Here is Fury 325, whose trains looks almost exactly like Orion's.
  9. I was looking at some of the photos and does anyone else thing the pullout on the drop seems drawn out? Maybe its not because you will be going 93MPH.
  10. Your memory is still better than mine, Mr. Roberts.
  11. At first I was thinking that I can't believe that the haunted house is still up in front of the entrance, but then I remembered that they re-dress it for Winterfest.
  12. Updated photos from us, at Wild Gravity Travels today. All photos were taken on public property.
  13. Well, I would hate to see that, Mr. Roberts. But I guess they're not much competition for the park.
  14. Will have to go back and look at that, Mr. Roberts.
  15. Who ever buys it will probably turn it into office buildings.
  16. I like the one with tower at the top and Vortex at the bottom at the very top of this thread. It would make a great poster!
  17. Maybe whoever buys it - if anyone - will get it going and keep it strong for awhile.
  18. Sure does tower over the Racer. Looks weird with snow so early.
  19. The Beach Waterpark in Mason is for Sale https://www.citybeat.com/arts-culture/culture/blog/21097174/the-beach-waterpark-in-mason-is-for-sale https://www.anchor-associates.com/property/the-beach-waterpark/
  20. It’s a snowy morning at the park as crews begin the day’s work on Orion! The webcams returned to operation yesterday after being out of service since October 20.
  21. Saw this film on Cincinnati news station last night. Seems quick. Guess the weather has been helpful.
  22. Jeez. Some people will do anything to get money, Mr. Roberts. Hopefully the court will throw this out as a frivolous lawsuit. What's next, Mystic Pizza? There have to be thousands, millions of uses of just that one word. People are nuts.
  23. The owner of a backyard Halloween haunt is suing Kings Island for trademark infringement. He says the name Mystic Timbers might cause confusion over his haunt that is called Mystic Hotel. He claims that this could cause even more problems down the road with his amusement park he hopes to open someday. He is also suing Silver Dollar City over their new ride named Mystic River Falls. He has various other suits pending that use the word Mystic as well. He is also suing a bunch of people for using the word "Holywood" as well. I'm not sure what the connection he has with the word Hollywood. Mystic Timbers lawsuit.
  24. BLOG: Kings Island tops off new Orion roller coaster https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/november/kings-island-tops-off-new-orion-roller-coaster
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