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  2. Saw this film on Cincinnati news station last night. Seems quick. Guess the weather has been helpful.
  3. Jeez. Some people will do anything to get money, Mr. Roberts. Hopefully the court will throw this out as a frivolous lawsuit. What's next, Mystic Pizza? There have to be thousands, millions of uses of just that one word. People are nuts.
  4. The owner of a backyard Halloween haunt is suing Kings Island for trademark infringement. He says the name Mystic Timbers might cause confusion over his haunt that is called Mystic Hotel. He claims that this could cause even more problems down the road with his amusement park he hopes to open someday. He is also suing Silver Dollar City over their new ride named Mystic River Falls. He has various other suits pending that use the word Mystic as well. He is also suing a bunch of people for using the word "Holywood" as well. I'm not sure what the connection he has with the word Hollywood. Mystic Timbers lawsuit.
  5. BLOG: Kings Island tops off new Orion roller coaster https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/november/kings-island-tops-off-new-orion-roller-coaster
  6. Yep, that helped, Mr. Roberts. But those were some seriously good burgers and dogs. We took a cooler once and brought some home. Even were good reheated.
  7. The food and ice cream was good, and affordable!
  8. If I'm recalling correctly, it's down toward the coaster, on the right as you walk down. But again, long time. I sure remember the good food and ice cream.
  9. Cloudy down there. Wonder why Windseeker was running.
  10. Earlier
  11. Plenty of movement from cranes today. Working on Winterfest, and Windseeker has been running. Pic via WeatherBug
  12. I just looked it up. They do in deed have one, although the park is only open to the public 4 times a year.
  13. These are really good shots. Kinda neat seeing the piece of the plane in the one shot. And that's a lot of blue steel in the one shot in particular. The ones from a few years back by Admin are excellent and I've looked at those countless times.
  14. Wracking my brains, Mr. Roberts. I think I can see the ride at Stricker's but my memory may be off. Been a long time since we were there.
  15. Yep, we have an Aerial Flyovers section of the gallery: https://www.kiextreme.com/photogallery/index.php?cat=54 The Diamondback construction photos from the first one are here: https://www.kiextreme.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=368
  16. Very nice! I think the owner of this web site got to fly over the park several years ago, or maybe it was someone on the message board at the time.
  17. I had high hopes that Kings Island would at least buy the Tilt-O-World from Coney Island but it was not to be. I think Kings Island feels it is too much like The Monster (which is my favorite flat ride they have) so they probably think having both rides would be redundant. I can't remember if Stricker's Grove has a Tilt-O-Whirl, but if they don't, then it is going to be at least two hours of driving to find another one. That would be at Camden Park, just across the Ohio border in West Virginia, Then about 4 hours away there is one at Indiana Beach. Maybe some of the bigger county fairs will have one, but I don't know.
  18. Thought since I had good service now, I'll post a few more pictures! @Hawaiian Coasters 325 has a couple as well, if he would be willing to post them.
  19. @I Am A Rider I'll try to post as much as I can here!
  20. I love seeing aerial shots. Have never had an opportunity to fly over the park.
  21. More excellent shots. So clear and bright with the sun. The blue of the coaster blends into the sky. I am always astounded to see what can be done with this equipment.
  22. I’ll add some to get this thing going
  23. Here are some aerials I got during the renovation. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome of it.
  24. I always refer to Kings Island Central as Drama Central. This was back when they had posts subjects like line jumpers and kids dribbling basketballs. I agree that these things are annoying about the park, but the threads would go for like 20+ pages long. I got the point after the first 12 posts. Then someone posted a picture of a woman's back side in Daisy Duke cut off shorts and many of the members joined in on insulting the woman and making fun of her. Then Top Gun stole a bunch of my pictures and was posting them like they were his to do so. I walked away and have rarely been back. But I regress, I now have dragged some of that drama to this thread. I shale not mention it again.
  25. Seriously excellent photos. Thank you. I particularly like the one of the Racer.
  26. Hello everyone! Since it's my second (first actual) post, I would like to introduce myself. Many of you may be aware of who I am. I am the guy who takes the aerial pictures of Kings Island. I am also an editor for WildGravity Travels. And with that, I'd like to share those with you here. I would also welcome everyone to share any pictures of the construction that they have taken as well. First will start off with the removal of Firehawk, ending with Orion being built. Hope you guys enjoy them! I may upload them slowly, since they are largish files, and I have horrible internet.
  27. I am a little late to the party, but I agree 100%. No drama.
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