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  2. Six flags is using what is called a "poison pill" strategy in attempt to prevent a hostile takeover of the amusement park company. Technically called a "Stockholder Rights Plan," the strategy allows shareholders to buy more shares of the company at a discount if any one shareholder acquires more than 10 percent ownership of the company. The idea is to dilute the value of the hostile shareholder's stake in the company, making it more expensive for them to take over the company without the current board of directors' approval. Both Cedar Fair and SeaWorld also have market caps lower than Six Flags at this point, so none of the top three independent theme park companies in the United States is enjoying a great financial position right now by making it more difficult for other companies to buy so many shares to take over. You can read the whole article here... Six Flags Looks to Prevent a Hostile Takeover
  3. I don't know why they're doing this, Mr. Roberts. Especially now. Personally I don't see things ever returning to what they were. They might just be sitting on that land for a long time, or forever.
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  5. Despite losing millions and millions of dollars because of the coronavirus pandemic, The company is still looking to grow by buying more property to the West of the Magic Kingdom for reasons they are being secretive about right now. I think they will be using that property to make a Marvel Comics themed park but we will just have to wait until something gets announced before any of us know for sure. This is the second land purchase in that area by Disney World. Disney Purchases More Land Near Magic Kingdom.
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  7. I can see why that should be important, Mr. Roberts. A lot of people really enjoy the woods part of it. It wouldn't be the same without it.
  8. I actually remember being there once years ago when they were doing the tastes great deal, Mr. Roberts. Inappropriate to say the least, as they had a lot of kids on the ride at the time. I seriously do not like stuff like that.
  9. BLOG: Annual care keeps The Racer in peak operating condition https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/annual-care-keeps-the-racer-in-peak-operating-condition
  10. When it was brand new, we used to have scream fights were each side would try to yell the loudest when their side went up in the air. Later the scream fights became "Taste great" on one side and "Less filling" on the other side. Leave it to the alcoholic culture to only being able enjoy something if it is based around drinking.
  11. In one of those drone videos I could see the break run for The Beast behind Orion's turn around. I hope Orion doesn't take away that 'ride through the woods' aspect of The Beast. It's like the park is slowly encroaching on The Beast. I guess it is bound to happen eventually but that should be a treat for future generations to witness. Today, I want to keep riding through the woods.
  12. Already had one, Mr. Roberts. Don't want another. But I hope you get a chance to ride and hope your ghost doesn't haunt anyone.
  13. BLOG: Viking Fury gets new coat of paint https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/viking-fury-gets-new-coat-of-paint
  14. That turn around looks like it is really going to be something crazy. That height, the curve at the top and the steep drop back down. I cant wait to have a heart attack while riding this thing. I will become an urban legend as employees claim to have seen my ghost.
  15. Expected this. Wasn't an option to open.
  16. Disney World and Disneyland closures are now indefinite: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/travel-information/ https://disneyland.disney.go.com/travel-information/
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  18. BLOG: 5 ways to have some Kings Island fun at home https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/5-ways-to-have-some-kings-island-fun-at-home 5 WAYS TO HAVE SOME KINGS ISLAND FUN AT HOME March 25, 2020 Don Helbig Area Manager Digital Marketing - Kings Island Twitter: @DonHelbig Looking for something do at home with the kids? Here’s a list of five ways to have some Kings Island fun from the comforts of home. Be sure the share your fun with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #KingsIsland. We’ll share and retweet some of our favorites. Enjoy a virtual roller coaster ride Take a virtual ride on one of Kings Island’s world-class roller coasters. We have several rollver coaster Point of View (POV) videos on our YouTube channel. Play them on YouTube’s TV app and add to the experience by sitting in a moveable chair in front of the TV with other props such as a broomstick for the lap bar. Enjoy a virtual water ride Here’s a fun one! Take a virtual ride on Race for Your Life Charlie Brown. We have a Point of View (POV) video on your YouTube channel that will make you feel as though you are experiencing this attraction. Add to the experience by having a non-virtual rider tossing small splashes of water on you at points during the ride where you might get wet. Watch a parade If you love a parade, you’ll love watching a replay of the electrifying vibe of the Spectacle of Color Parade from our Grand Carnivale event. You’ll feel like you’re watching it live from International Street! Make a sketch of your favorite rides Get out those No. 2 pencils and sketch drawings of your favorite Kings Island rides, present or past. Challenge yourself with these thought-provoking Kings Island trivia questions 1. A rider on Drop Tower will drop 264 feet. How many times would you have to ride this attraction to travel a mile? 2. The height from which a rider drops on Drop Tower is 264 feet. There is 5,280 feet in a mile. What is the length of the fall expressed in miles? 3. A ride on Invertigo lasts one minute, 30 seconds. If you and a friend rode this ride continuously across from each other, with no stops from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., how many times would you “Face Off” with your partner? 4. The Beast is the longest wooden roller coaster in the world at 7,359 feet. One sheet of toilet paper in the park is 4.5” x 4.5” and there are 500 sheets in a roll. The park will use 700 cases of toilet paper a year. Each case contains 96 rolls. How many times could you cover the Beast’s track with all of this toilet paper? 5. The park sells over 280,000 pounds of hamburger a year. How many quarter pound burgers would that make?
  19. Anybody that opens by Easter is an idiot, Mr. Roberts. We're not going to be anywhere near normal by then. It's getting worse daily and hardly any hospital has the equipment they need. Freely admit this is the first time in my life I have not been able to conquer fear.
  20. Smoky Mountains National Park is set to close stating on March 24 and will remain close at least until April 6. This includes roads inside the park as well as hiking trails. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is set to close for at least two weeks.  Read More: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Set to Close | https://wbkr.com/great-smoky-mountains-national-park-set-to-close/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral
  21. I'm kind of glad that Kings Island got postponed because I don't have the money for a season pass right now. They started trying a new cure/ treatment in New York today. Trump says he wants the country running like normal again by Easter, but I don't know about that. All it takes is one infected person and we'll all be back to this in four months for round 2.
  22. Olympics officially postponed until 2021.
  23. I saw where some re-openings were occurring in Japan, Mr. Roberts. But they need to postpone the Olympics because athletes cannot fly in from all over the world. Can't imagine the danger in that. Shouldn't be surprised that Apple would try to pounce on this.
  24. Disney is taking such a beating with closures of all the parks, movie productions put on hold and canceled theatrical releases because of the coronavirus that its stocks have dropped to an all time low. Now Apple is thinking about making a take over offer. Apple Could Look to Acquire Disney Amid Stock Drop, Analyst Says
  25. Lego Land will reopen this week. I'm sure the entire amusement industry will be watching the re-opening of Legoland, Japan and the Merlin’s Sea Life aquarium in Nagoya Japan to see how this goes.
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