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  2. So sorry. Hope they are better soon. Lots of things going around right now.
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  4. Sorry guys, no recent pics from me. My kids have been sick the past week. So havent had a chance to go get pictures.
  5. No way would I ever live near any amusement park. But many if not most of them probably can't just move.
  6. Kings Island Taking Steps To Respond To Neighbors' Noise Concerns https://www.wvxu.org/post/kings-island-taking-steps-respond-neighbors-noise-concerns#stream/0 Excerpt:
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  8. I just remembered someone on Facebook had posted a picture of the track with one of the trains sitting on it just before they shut the cam off. But I didn't look at it very closely to see if it was true because I was on my cell phone and it was too small.
  9. This seems to have sprung up very quickly; lucky they had a lot of good weather this season.
  10. The Orion webcam is now officially offline through the end of March as the ride has completed structural work and is advancing towards testing. The park has released a full time-lapse of the construction: This is the final image from the Orion webcam before being taken offline today:
  11. Oops. I just saw that PKIDelirum already posted a whole article about it further down the the Home Page of this forum.
  12. I keep seeing different news stories about the last piece of Orion's track getting attached today.
  13. BLOG: Track work done on Kings Island's Orion roller coaster https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/january/track-work-done-on-kings-islands-orion-roller-coaster
  14. Funny it looks so small from this angle, even though I know it's enormous.
  15. Only two track sections remain to be installed. The final column is in place.
  16. Unfortunately the Diamondback webcam was shut down Friday afternoon to prevent the demolition of Vortex from being seen. This is the final image from the camera:
  17. I thought they did intend to save it, Mr. Roberts. Apparently it was just a rumor.
  18. They really should have saved the station and repurposed it. It was the classiest train station in the park. If they end up putting another coaster there you know that the station will end up being just another big boring box.
  19. Well, they're making quick work of this.
  20. This morning, what appears to be a larger excavator is located near the base of the second loop's structure.
  21. Yesterday, an anonymous photo appeared on Reddit and other sources showing the total annihilation of the Vortex station and transfer track area. In the upper left corner of the Diamondback webcam, the destruction of the brake run, helix, and Batwing element could be seen throughout the day.
  22. Your welcome and its a view that understandably not often seen.
  23. Thank you. I did wonder if that was the case.
  24. The brush is because it was taken from outside the park through whatever available lane I could find without trespassing on anyone's property.
  25. Excellent. Wonder if all that brush will eventually be cleared. Seems it would have been done first.
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