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    • I would like to think your doctor would have told you what was or was not safe to use, Mr. Roberts. But some don't, for sure. I haven't used cough syrup for years - makes me ill - and can't take motion sickness meds either because they interact with others. Yes, I agree you definitely have to be extremely cautious. 
    • I'm just saying I did not know that cough syrup would hurt my liver until I drank some, so I don't know if Dramamine would hurt or not until I took some. I would not want to risk making my self even more sick at a new park 7 hours from home.
    • Oil and jam? Seriously, Mr. Roberts? That makes no sense at all.  Cough syrup isn't for nausea - I meant something like Pepto-Bismol or Dramamine. The dual pianist shows sound good. Might want to settle for things that don't move for awhile. Just do shows/events and not rides. 
    • So like I said, I was able to ride the Carolina Skytower, which slowly revolves as you sit inside a circle building and it takes you up, giving you a complete view of the park before slowly coming down again. We rode Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, which is sort of like the one at Kings Island except it races through more like a traditional dark ride rather than taking its time. You move through it so fast that you hardly have time to shoot anything. Then we played/rode Garden Warfair, where it is plants versus zombies. You sit on a motorcycle like seat and it moved up, down, to the left and to the right. You remember the action motion theater that sits in the split of the Racer Track (that just had Sponge Bob Square Pants in there for the the last few years. It's the same set up where the seats move according to what is happening on the screen, only here they replaced to motion chairs with motorcycle seats that you straddle. The 3-D movie with rocking motorcycle seats was giving me motion sickness. It wasn't really for me due to how I had been feeling on this trip, but at least they are still using the theater and not just storing stuff and making it a permanent home for the Urgent Scare Haunt. My fiend wanted to ride another coaster but I suggested we take a break and watch a show. It was duel pianist. These guys were so fun we ended up watching two shows. The first was a tribute to the 70's and the second was all 80's. I then walked all over the park looking for collectable pins to add to my collection. All they had was a triple pack with the new Copperhead logo, a generic can of oil and a generic jar of jam.  So they expect me to buy the collectable pack mark up for a smaller than usual Copperhead logo, a can of oil and a jar of jam... Who ordered this crap? I don't want or need a pin of oil or jam so who's bright idea was it to design and order this pin set. If it had been the new coaster, another coaster and the Skytower I might have bought a 3 pack, but oil and jam? No thanks! My friend was looking for a refrigerator magnet and couldn't find any. The 3 star coasters that I rode had a couple of t-shirts each in the ride's gift shops, but nothing like Kings Island which have a few shirts with multiple roller coasters on the front. One shirts for each of the three coasters. First Michigan Adventures and now Carrowinds, they need to put someone in charge of these parks who knows how to order things to sell. Kings Island and Cedar Point both do fine but the other two parks that I have been too have been horrible.
    • Cough syrup feels like someone has a knife in my liver and twisting it, so I'm not sure if I can take one or what kind. 
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