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Official Cedar Fair Park Sites
Cedar Fair Entertainment Company - Kings Island - Kings Dominion - Carowinds - Canada's Wonderland - Great America - Cedar Point - Valleyfair! - Dorney Park - Worlds of Fun - Knott's Berry Farm - Michigan's Adventure - Wildwater Kingdom - Gilroy Gardens

Unofficial Cedar Fair Park Sites
PointBuzz - Point Pixels - Dorney Park Online - Geauga Lake Today - Carowinds Connection

Other Unofficial Park Sites
BGWFans - Houston Thrills Central - CoasterCrazy - CanobieFan - Disneyland Resort Paris Guide

General Amusement Park Sites
Blooloop - CoasterGallery - Negative-G - CoasterBuzz - COASTER-net - RCDB - - Coasterimage - Mitch Hawker's Coaster Polls - Theme Park Review - NewsPlusNotes

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