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In Topic: The Butler County Fair in Hamilton, Ohio

13 September 2017 - 03:38 AM

I actually made the trip to Darke County Fair because you had mentioned that you saw a Zipper ride there. What a trip that ride was.

In Topic: The Butler County Fair in Hamilton, Ohio

11 September 2017 - 09:15 PM

Personally, I found it to be the lamest county fair that I have been to. After being to Scioto, Brown and Dark County Fairs, this one was very small. Batavia is also very small, but the rides and crash up derby were free with admission. Butler charges for just about everything separate. And like you said, the animals looked sad, but they may have just been bored in a pin at a new place when they most likely have more room to roam at home.

In Topic: My day at Cedar Point

06 September 2017 - 11:32 PM

Here are the stats of my Youtube Channel, on the most watched to the least watched.


Beverly Hills Supper Club                          556

Mystic Timbers opening line                       225

HorrorHound Cincinnati                              177

Wonderfest                                                  111

Cinema Wasteland                                       99

Smokey Mountains Knife Works                  75

Kings Island Halloween Haunt 2016            51

Covington Spring fest/ run with goats          39

Johnny Cash Museum                                 29

Neon Lights on Broadway in Nashville        27

Aquarium Restaurant Nashville                   27

Sycamore Park in Batavia                           29                                        

Cedar Point Main Midway Arcade               25

Camp Dennison Memorial Triangle             23

Kenner Toys: Building An Empire                20

Cedar Point Shores                                     19

Maverick Cedar Point coaster                     19

Starlite Drive-In                                            19

Star Wars: Power Of The Costume             18

Cedar Point                                                  17

Red, White and Blue Ash                             17

Covington Maifest                                        16

Newport Italian Fest                                     16

Garden Of Hope                                           15

Covington Geotta Fest                                 15

Grant’s Boyhood Home and School             14

Magnum Cedar Point roller coaster              14

Newport Aquarium                                        13

Cifton Gorge                                                  11

Valravn Cedar Point roller coaster                10

Trenton Yard Sales                                         6


A lot of people must really be interested in the Beverly Hills Super Club and no one gives a crap about Trenton Yard Sales. I thought Halloween Haunt would have done better than it did. It's kind of funny to me that more people are interested in the Cedar Point Arcade than the actual park or roller coasters.



In Topic: Cedar Point Shores

30 August 2017 - 01:36 AM

Although I like the location of Cedar Shores being on the Beach, Soak City at Kings Island is like 3 or four times bigger, more modern and over all, a better water park. I guess if Cedar Shores was included with park admission it would be at crowd capacity almost every day of the summer, because it is so small.

In Topic: Major attraction leaving after this year.

09 June 2017 - 06:14 PM

Firehawk attendance seems to be down as well, from my observation. I think because the wait is so long to ride, even on days when the park is not busy and the line is short. I wouldn't think they would move that one, however, because it is the only thing like it at Kings Island. Even it has a history of being moved, relocated to Kings Island from Geauga Lake in 2007. Unlike Vertigo, which seems kind of pointless since Banshee opened, despite the fact that visitors can ride backwards for half the ride. Removing Adventure Express or Vortex leaves a lot of open space for another coaster down the road, however.