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    Cedar Point Trip

    I went to Cedar Point last week and noticed that, in my opinion the ride ops were not as friendly as they usually are at KI. This was my first time at CP in about 4 years. However, i noticed that it seems like ever since cedar fair took over KI that the ride ops have been really friendly and enthusiastic. The only ride where they were even mildly entertaining was millennium force. Has anyone else gone to CP and noticed this? or did i just catch them on a bad day?
  2. edub847

    1971/72 Kings Island Construction Video

    Awesome!!! i could watch videos like this all day! it makes me wish they would re- paint the racers seeing how nice and fresh they looked in that vid!
  3. edub847

    cedar point in one day?

    Well we were thinking of leaving at like 5 or 6 in the morning and we are going most likely on a thursday in mid-july. By 'doing it all' i meant mainly the big coasters. I know that not EVRYTHING could be crammed into one day! our other options are a monday or wednesday. we figured it may be just a little less crowded during the week.
  4. I posted this in the other parks and thought i would try here instead... so my boyfriend and i live right outside of Cincinnati and we want to go to Cedar Point but dont want to pay for a hotel. We know we are going to have to leave early and stuff but i was wondering of anyone had any tips or good days to go when the rides are not very long so that we could get the most out of our one day. any suggestions? thanks!
  5. edub847

    cedar point in one day?

    So I live in Lawrenceburg, which is right outside of cincy and I wanted to know if anyone had ever gone to Cedar Point from this area in a one day trip. My boyfriend and I want to go but we dont want to pay for a hotel and we are trying to figure out the best way to do it all in one day!! I went a few years ago with a school trip and we only spent one day in the park but stayed in a hotel overnight? any tips? is this a crazy idea? thanks!