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  2. Scariest coaster you have ever been on?

    Top Thrill Dragster.
  3. How was king kobra coaster?

    It was a small coaster and a short ride. Seats wern't too uncomfortable. I remember it fell off the track once in the helix. It would go almost completely sideways to the left over the fence. After it fell off in the helix I was always worried it might fall off leaning left, impaling me on the fence. Other than that, the ride was more of a novelty and not very intense. It was the first coaster I ever saw that exited through the gift shop.
  4. What’s the roughest and headbanging coaster you have ever been on?. What coaster have u ever been on that’s the most intense and highest g forces?. Have u ever greyed or blackout on a coaster and if u have which one and what park?. What’s your top 3 favorite wood or steel coasters ever?. Was son of the beast a great ride? Hope to hear from u soon
  5. Have you ever been on son of beast?

    Son of the beast was really rough. What’s the roughest coaster and most intense and highest g forces u have ever been on?. Sean Kaufman
  6. Have you ever been on son of beast?

    I've rode Son of Beast both with and without the loop. Riding it was like getting shook up in a paint mixer at a hardware store. The loop version was nicer because the loop was metal and going around it was about a second of smoothness. It gave you a little bit of a break from getting shaken. I wonder if the Rocky Mountain Construction make overs of wooden coasters makes Kings Island kind of wish they had not torn down Son of Beast.
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  8. Have you ever been on son of beast?

    Ok thx
  9. Have you ever been on son of beast?

    SOB blew down in a wind storm during construction. They rebuilt and finished it; a mistake in my opinion. It had a lot of problems and was finally torn down, long overdue.
  10. What’s the most intense and scariest roller coaster u have ever been on?
  11. How was king kobra coaster?

    How was king kobra and was it rough coaster? Were the restraints comfortable?. Was it better than the beast?. How was the ride?. Sean
  12. Have you ever been on son of beast?

    Hello Have you ever been on son of beast at kings island back in the day?. How is the ride and was it really rough?. Was it a great wooden coaster?. Was it better with or without the loop? Why did kings island tear it down?. Hope to hear from u soon Sean Kaufman Sent from my iPhone
  13. How was king kobra coaster? Was it a smooth or really rough standup coaster? Were the restraints comfortable?. Was it intense?. How did it compare to the beast coaster?. Sean Kaufman
  14. Hello Have you ever been on son of beast at kings island back in the day?. How is the ride and was it really rough?. Was it a great wooden coaster?. Was it better with or without the loop? Why did kings island tear it down?. Hope to hear from u soon Sean Kaufman Sent from my iPhone
  15. Halloween Troll vs Christmas Elf

    Ha. Funny, Mr. Roberts. Had trouble getting these to play for some reason, just got bits and pieces. But whoever thought putting a striped red shirt on an ugly troll would turn it into an elf made an error in judgment. It's still an ugly troll with a red shirt. Let's hope they do not repeat this mistake.
  16. The Halloween Haunt Troll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1-rl1RvAo8 The Christmas Elf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv6nqYFfufw
  17. Santa's Toy Factory, 2005

    I had completely forgotten we had to choose dates. Do remember we went twice. Guess we got lucky and had decent weather once that I recall and once quite cold. Definitely no way to get people in. Who wants to be there in miserable weather? It just seemed very expensive at the time. If we could have used our passes we would have gone more, I'm sure. You are probably right on your reasoning, Mr. Roberts. Makes sense to me.
  18. Santa's Toy Factory, 2005

    I think they only did it one year because it lost money. I remember you had to pick a date and buy your ticket in advance. I guess they did this so that they would know how many people to schedule to work by how many tickets were sold. People did not like this system because if it was raining or some other kind of bad weather, they could not get a rain check or trade the tickets in for another day. With the current way they sell tickets, where you can buy them at the gate or get them off line on the day that you are going, people might skip a rainy night but come on another night. With Paramount you were locked into that date you purchased and if it was too wet and miserable to go, especially for your kids, you were just out that money. Paramount was afraid of losing money on a dead night where as Cedar Fair knows that if they don't get you this weekend then they will most likely catch you next weekend. This works for the park and it makes the guest happy to have options. Plus Cedar Fair allows season pass holders to use their passes where Paramount made pass holders pay for the event. Although Cedar Fair is not making any more money for pass holders to get in, the pass holder is still buying t-shirts and funnel cakes and that is just extra monies that the park might not otherwise make. This is just my best guess though. I don't claim to know Kings Island's business and I could be way off.
  19. Santa's Toy Factory, 2005

    This is a pretty clear video for its age, Mr. Roberts. You know I never actually heard why they only did it one year; must have been the low attendance and expensive costs. It was quite nice in some ways.
  20. Here is the Santa Toy Factory show from the year Paramount attempted Winterfest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVNTZpILwOY
  21. Santa's Christmas Wish 1992

    This is great, Mr. Roberts. We only went to this winterfest twice; it was so expensive. Mostly we walked around looking at lights, bought some holiday gifts, and ate. I don't think we watched any shows; don't actually remember. That seems longer ago than it was. There was a place on International street that had the best soups and chili. We hit that up both times. Don't forget food very often. Most shows we've seen I just see and don't keep room in the old brain to retain them. Too much other stuff up there. Concerts, however, I can recall back to the first one I saw over fifty years ago as a teenager.
  22. Santa's Toy Factory, 1991

    As well done as these shows were, Mr. Roberts, what I find most interesting is the difference in video quality. Like when I watch old M.A.S.H. shows. The difference in technology is vast. Kind of like comparing old photos from original color to today's pics. As I recall, the original fest had the best Santa we'd ever seen. I'm sure not the same each year or even every night, but we seemed to catch the same one every time we went one particular year, early eighties. I swear the guy could almost make adults believe. I'm talking about the one that was in the Santa house for kids to visit. These videos are so fun to watch. Thank you.
  23. Although there are a quite a few differences between Santa's Toy Factory and Tinker's Toy Factory, you can see how the current Tinker show evolved from the 1991 show. Some of the same scenes and songs, just no Tinker character. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC89J7DhHzw
  24. Santa's Christmas Wish 1992

    LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Now, I never went to the 2005 Winterfest, but the fact that this footage exists probably means the idea was also used in earlier International Theater Winterfest production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m12T5VUE790
  25. Santa's Christmas Wish 1992

    Wow, how did you track this down, Mr. Roberts? Thanks so much for posting. I still don't remember but think probably we just didn't watch any of the shows. I'll go over this a couple times and see if shakes anything loose in the memory bank.
  26. Although I remember the roof scene with the dancing reindeer quite vividly, I can't find any record that it actually existed in the 80s'90s version of "Tinker's Toy Factory" (Called "Santa's Toy Factory" back then), but I did find this. it's a 1992 show called "Santa's Christmas Wish" which has the scene as I remembered it (stars overhead in the night sky) except it's two dancers dressed like snow flakes instead of reindeer. They still use that mad cap puppet technique were the performers are invisible wearing all black body suits and the snow flakes are fluorescent lit with a black light. I'm probably getting the two shows crossed in my memory, even though I remember "Santa's Toy Factory" but have no memory of ever watching "Santa's Christmas Wish." You can see the dancing snow flakes around the 11:08 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJlkSW0a99U
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